$BBTC 0xdeE...F1c2

To embark on this exciting journey towards Genesys and Baby Bitcoin (BBTC), follow these simple steps:

1. Acquire USDT, your fuel for this adventure, from your preferred exchange.
2. Transfer your funds to exchanges offering Genesys—use these links if you’re not registered yet!




3. After registration, transfer your USDT and acquire Genesys. Prepare your decentralized wallet to receive them by entering the following data:



Network name: Genesys

Currency symbol: GSYS

Chain ID: 16507

Mainnet RPC: https://rpc.genesys.network/

Mainnet Explorer: https://gchainexplorer.genesys.network/


Contract: 0xdee429c269504586d976db774078fea67ea1f1c2

Name: BabyBitcoin

Symbol: BBTC

Decimals: 18

4. When Genesys is activated, obtain your address and send your Genesys to your wallet.

5. Welcome to Blue Lotus DAO! Purchase Baby Bitcoin quickly and easily by following the link in your wallet.
6. Open the following link from your wallet’s browser to complete your journey: Blue Lotus DAO Link Disabled

Now you’re part of the ship, new Holder! 🌟 Enjoy your adventure!



Important Update about Baby Bitcoin!

We are currently updating the website with the new information

Dear Baby Bitcoin Community,

We want to keep you informed about the exciting changes coming to our project. As part of our continuous quest for improvements and opportunities for our holders, we are undergoing a change from the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to the new Genesys Network.

What does this mean for you?

– Network Change: We are transitioning from the BSC to the Genesys Network to harness its scalability and efficiency advantages.

– Updated Contract: We have made adjustments and enhancements to the Baby Bitcoin contract to align it with our vision and objectives. This will enable us to provide you with an even better experience.

– Temporary Trading Halt: To ensure a seamless transition, we will temporarily halt trading of Baby Bitcoin until Lotus DAO is launched, and we can add liquidity on the Genesys Network. This is expected to occur around September.

– New Benefits: As part of this change, Baby Bitcoin will be listed on the MEXC and BITFOREX exchange platforms. This will provide you with more opportunities to trade and maximize the value of Baby Bitcoin.

We are committed to transparency and want to ensure you are aware of these exciting changes. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy an enhanced experience and exciting opportunities on the Genesys Network.

Thank you for being part of the Baby Bitcoin community, and we look forward to sharing more details with you as we move forward in this exciting phase!