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Casino V2 – Working in progress

We communicate that officially since November the V1 casino has closed temporarily, because the Slots system and the administration of withdrawals and deposits must be improved and adapted to a scalable demand.

We are working on a new improved Casino system (V2) to better adapt to our ecosystem, more variety of games and have a better web3 integration. The idea is to be able to integrate more cryptocurrencies and profits, so that it serves as a reinvestment/repurchase channel for BBTC.

With respect to tokens of users who have been within the system, blockchain transactions will progressively be reviewed to return the balances corresponding to the wallets.

For any questions of some particular case, you can contact us by Telegram community and we will solve it.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to improve the BBTC ecosystem providing benefits to users and token holders.