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First Commercial Transaction with BBTC

The first commercial transaction with the Baby Bitcoin token on a tangible product was made.

2022 was a critical year in the blockchain world, for several reasons that are known to the public, such as the closure of exchanges, capital flight and world wars, which caused the cryptocurrency market to plummet by 80%.

But as the saying goes, after the storm comes the sun. And we are no strangers to that, our Baby Bitcoin token always depends on the value of BNB, which went through constant volatility in which it could stabilize so far, but that is not all, the fear and uncertainty of people made investments globally scarce and this panic paralyzed millions of daily transactions. That said, in the last quarter of the year we could observe stability and an increase in investments and that is why the sun begins to appear for all of us.

But well, that is a small general summary, what makes us proud today, that after a very difficult year, and not giving up, the Baby Bitcoin team kept working with all the obstacles and that is why the results are beginning to be seen again.

With pride and happiness, December 4, 2022 will be recorded in the history of our token, since the FIRST COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION was made with BBTC.

We will call it the COFFEE DAY, since a coffee shop in Iran made its first transaction through BBTC, which adopted it as a payment currency for any product in its store. This was quickly echoed among merchants in the area and a rain of messages arrived in our emails asking how they could start using this payment method in their businesses, since the attraction of this type of payment was fantastic and innovative in that city.

From today on, every December 4th we will celebrate the Coffee Day in Baby Bitcoin with different activities for users.

We are happy to contribute our grain of sand to the world, to help everyone in their paths and endeavors, today more than ever we will have all our forces focused on continuing to work for everyone’s benefit.

Now yes, with a big smile we will answer the large number of emails that we received, and advising each one in a personalized way on how to make their business adhere to BBTC.

It should be remembered that we have a tool to make BBTC transfers from one wallet to another without Fee through “BBTC Sender Tool”. There you also have a utility to generate payment QR codes.


For more information and inquiries: [email protected]