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New Token Burning Policy in BBTC 🔥

As we announced a week ago, we have decided to propose a new way to continue with the token burning dynamics and thus reduce the number of circulating tokens. This will make the token more scarce over time, as many members of the community have been requesting.

The proposed dynamics are as follows:

A location will be allocated 3% of the total supply (in practice, this would imply a participation of more than 6% if we consider the tokens currently burned in the dead wallet and that this same wallet does not participate in token dividends). This wallet/contract (which I will explain below) will be another participant in the distribution made with the 5% transaction fee, but unlike you, the holders who accumulate tokens for personal use, this wallet will be responsible for burning all the dividends it receives!

To explain a bit more, currently a 5% fee is charged for each transaction. Of the amount obtained, approximately 6% would belong to the wallet that collects tokens for burning. In other words, 0.3% of the transferred tokens would be burned per transaction.

At the beginning, we established a wallet dedicated to collecting tokens for burning, to which we currently send 1% of the supply, and we will gradually increase the percentage weekly until we reach the 3% target. The burns in this phase will be done manually and in their entirety at the end of each month.

Then, we will establish a smart contract that will receive and burn tokens automatically.

We will update this post based on new developments.

Best regards!

BBTC to the moon!