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Welcome to Baby Bitcoin

BBTC is evolving!

Our Way, Our Goal

Baby Bitcoin (BBTC) has much more to offer than just being a cryptocurrency; it is a project committed to creating value. Its vision is focused on establishing itself as a recognized and functional cryptocurrency, providing a wide range of services and products both within and outside the Blockchain. At the same time, it works tirelessly on an issue that deeply matters: addressing child vulnerability in all its dimensions. It collaborates closely with partnerships to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged children.

Launched in July 2021, the Baby Bitcoin token was designed from its inception to be used in entertainment platforms and social initiatives. Over time, it has evolved to encompass a broader structure, articulated in five fundamental pillars that define the essence of the project: Powabit Ecosystem, KinderSwap DEX, Commercial Transactions, Tangible Market, and Social Cause.


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is clear: to revolutionize the cryptocurrency investment experience by providing a digital asset that stands out for its stability, utility, and growth potential. With Baby Bitcoin, the aspiration is to be a driving force in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Our vision is to build a more inclusive and accessible financial future for everyone.

Project Axes

The purpose of Baby Bitcoin unfolds through five main axes.

1 - Powabit Ecosystem

Building a decentralized and modular services ecosystem aimed at generating consistent capitalization. This capitalization covers the necessary expenses to drive the ongoing growth of Baby Bitcoin. Additionally, this ecosystem also serves the purpose of providing utility to the token itself, adding tangible value to the supporting community.


2 - KinderSwap DEX

Development of a DEX aimed at meme projects, where Baby Bitcoin is established as the native currency of the platform. This strategy not only contributes to the sustainable capitalization of the project but also provides constant utility to the token.


3 - Commercial Transactions

The goal is to enable BBTC to become a widely used store of value. With this aim, efforts are being made to allow the token itself to be used for making payments for products and services, both physical and digital, across various platforms.


4 - Tangible Market

Venturing into the marketing of physical products under the Baby Bitcoin brand. These products include clothing, accessories, and gadgets that will not only promote brand awareness beyond the Blockchain sphere but also serve as an additional mechanism for the project’s capitalization.


5 - Social Cause

Through strategic partnerships with various NGOs and social aid groups, Baby Bitcoin actively engages in the fight against child vulnerability. Through collaborations with these associations, the project provides financial support and essential resources to improve the quality of life for children in disadvantaged situations.

BBTC in circulation
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New Rewards Delivered (Coming Soon)


Soon, we will be enabling our BBTC rewards pool in PowaDAP,

allowing our holders to earn rewards passively.

Roadmap v2

Our way to the moon!

New Roadmap, New Opportunities

Adding liquidity on Blue Lotus DAO


PowaDAP Launch


KinderSwap Launch


Commercial boost to PowaDAP and KinderSwap to capitalize future actions.

Q3 2024

Launch BBTC Binance Network v2

Q3 2024

PowaNFT: Powa Worms Game: Using BBTC as a utility token.

Q4 2024

PowaList: Service consolidation

Q4 2024

PowaNFT: Creation of utility-based PowaDAP participation NFTs

Q1 2025

Initiation of a major social outreach campaign

Q1 2025

PowaList: Market analysis platform

Q2 2025

Integration with platforms for commercial transactions

Q2 2025

Development of BBTC merchandise and opening of online store

Q2 2025

Baby Bitcoin Foundation




Our old steps

Our way through 2021

The birth of BBTC

Development of the first website, birth of the community, presale, launch in PancakeSwap.



Listings on Coingeko, CoinMarketCap, as well as other well-known platforms.


Start of donation campaign

Start of donation campaign to institutions that fight against child vulnerability.

More information Completed!

Web 2.0

Development of a new website with redesign of graphic line, information more organized and adaptable to new functionalities.

More information Completed!

Radio BBTC

An entertainment space, as well as information about BBTC and new projects that are developed in the crypto ecosystem. Interviews, Podcast and more!

More information Completed!

Lotteries contracts

Development of contracts and web interface for dynamic lotteries (multiple game modes). Part of the proceeds will be used to carry out social actions.

More information Completed!

Development of solidarity NFTs!

Development of thematic NFTs made by artists and by the community. The purpose of these is to allocate funds for solidarity actions.

More information Completed!

Online Casino

Virtual casino where you can find the best card games, slots, poker and roulette.
Daily welcome bonuses and access to monthly prizes with a grand jackpot. BBTC and BNB can be used.

Play now! Completed!

Stay Tuned

Always moving!