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Burned tokens


Highest MC (fully diluted)

BBTC is focused on community and charity.

Baby Bitcoin was launched in July 2021 and is a token focused on entertainment platforms, with a strong focus on social actions (mainly helping children in situations of social vulnerability), BBTC is also linked to the culture of memes.

It works as a utility and contracting currency in different tools of the Powabit ecosystem, as well as receiving benefits in the form of buybacks and liquidity injections by the ecosystem modules.

Also we work on various projects, such as our online radio, a virtual casino that accepts BBTC, online games, lotteries and solidarity NFTs, satellite tokens which will drive the growth of BBTC and much more!


This project was born from the idea of generating value beyond being just a cryptoactive and we believe that one of the ways to bring a real benefit to society is to focus on mitigating child vulnerability (in all its axes), through collaboration with associations in charge of managing the logistics of this work.

We not only think of investor benefits, we also go with this idea of change.


BabyBitcoin (BBTC) aims to provide, through a transaction tax system, continuous benefits for the project holders.

A 5% tax is charged on each transaction. This percentage is distributed to holders continuously.

Soon our satellite token system will add liquidity and continuous investments in BBTC to boost its growth.

The economic ecosystem of Baby Bitcoin

Total Supply
Tokens in circulation
Rewards delivered


A 5% tax is charged on each transaction

This percentage is distributed to holders continuously.

Our way to the moon!

Soon more information will be added to the objectives.

First satellite project of the ecosystem

Satellite projects are utility and independent applications, but under the umbrella of the BBTC ecosystem. The idea behind this is to provide direct and indirect benefits between all upcoming and existing projects within the ecosystem. Working on functional interoperability between these projects is also one of the goals.

Meet Everath! February 2022

Powabit - We unify our Roadmap!

As we have repeatedly mentioned in our communities. We believe that BBTC is part of an ecosystem that will provide a stronger market and, above all, will allow it to be useful in it. The Powabit ecosystem ( will unify all our future work, where BBTC will have a large share.

The future!

Our way through 2021

The birth of BBTC

Development of the first website, birth of the community, presale, launch in PancakeSwap.



Listings on Coingeko, CoinMarketCap, as well as other well-known platforms.


Start of donation campaign

Start of donation campaign to institutions that fight against child vulnerability.

More information Completed!

Web 2.0

Development of a new website with redesign of graphic line, information more organized and adaptable to new functionalities.

More information Completed!

Radio BBTC

An entertainment space, as well as information about BBTC and new projects that are developed in the crypto ecosystem. Interviews, Podcast and more!

More information Completed!

Lotteries contracts

Development of contracts and web interface for dynamic lotteries (multiple game modes). Part of the proceeds will be used to carry out social actions.

More information Completed!

Development of solidarity NFTs!

Development of thematic NFTs made by artists and by the community. The purpose of these is to allocate funds for solidarity actions.

More information Completed!

Online Casino

Virtual casino where you can find the best card games, slots, poker and roulette.
Daily welcome bonuses and access to monthly prizes with a grand jackpot. BBTC and BNB can be used.

Play now! Completed!

Always moving!