Frequently asked questions

Be the most important and profitable memetoken in the world (for a more extensive answer you can consult the whitepaper)

Strictly following the roadmap, as well as the internal investment strategy to cover a larger market. All plans are aimed at mass advertising and development of the token

We do not have taxes in the new version of our token.

Holders can use our special staking pools through the PowaDAP app:

They can also provide liquidity to DEXs, obtaining benefits for each transaction:

The more you leave it, the more you will earn, you can also withdraw it if you require it, going to "Liquidity", opening the tab of the liquidity pair and clicking on the "Remove" button.

Liquidity is the initial amount that defines the buy / sell size allowed when the token goes out to DEX, it is the heart of the coin, without liquidity there is no price.