Frequently asked questions

Be the most important and profitable memetoken in the world (for a more extensive answer you can consult the whitepaper)

Strictly following the roadmap, as well as the internal investment strategy to cover a larger market. All plans are aimed at mass advertising and development of the token

For each token sale a 5% tax is charged which 3% goes to blocked liquidity and 2% is distributed to holders.

For each token sale a 2% is distributed to holders.

Liquidity is the initial amount that defines the buy / sell size allowed when the token goes out to Pancake Swap, it is the heart of the coin, without liquidity there is no price.

Wallet: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

Burn adress.


Wallet: 0x2d045410f002a95efcee67759a92518fa3fce677

DxSale: Locked tokens contract.


Wallet: 0x76aDd2ddb9cB14E9F1E8a103B7D2f5E52ceC8f3b

15% will be used for advertising, we are very careful with that percentage, for now, Moderators / administrators are the ones who receive small fractions for their support in the groups.


3% burned 4% blocked. It has also been used as a reinforcement for airdrops by market objective. It changed from the old one (0x113197a072d39b74a5ffd492413e1879e6b62782).


Wallet: 0xf54703a1a5899da6630dc03fa3066ba3e54878f6

It is the origin Wallet. We have burned 35%, which was a number chosen by the community, leaving 15% pending for future burning when we reach 5M Market Cap. The rest is to add remaining liquidity.

We are 6 owners, who are very grateful for the support we are having from the community, each of us has the following percentages respectively, 4 of us have 2% and 2 of us have 1%, added together they make up the 10% that this reflected on the web.



BBTC Casino Vault. Deposit and withdrawal fund.

We have a team that manages public relations actions with Youtubers and Influencers on social networks to tell them about our project and convince them to publicize it, this is obviously not an easy task and it takes time, but in the end it will have good results.
Conventional advertising, such as Google, Youtube, FB Ads, etc. It is currently limited to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, so we manage some specific advertising platforms for cryptocurrencies such as Dragon X and Cointraffic.
We have promotional actions such as Airdrops and giveaways planned in the future.
Our most committed collaborators are constantly spreading this project around the world.
We are planning different and unconventional actions, but the good thing requires your preparation time.

You can add liquidity to the BBTC / BNB pair and get an extra percentage of tokens per transaction on PancakeSwap.


You just have to go to:


Click on the button "Add liquidity".


Select BBTC / BNB pair and the desired amount for the pool.


Click on the "Supply" button.


Accept the transaction.




The more you leave it, the more you will earn, you can also withdraw it if you require it, going to "Liquidity", opening the tab of the liquidity pair and clicking on the "Remove" button.

If it shows you an error code like this when trying to buy, you can try the following steps.


Click on the settings menu within PancakeSwap


Change the value of Slippage tolerance to 1%


If it doesn’t work, you can try changing the values, for example 12% or more.